24 Feb 2015

Alfie the Kenana Monkey and his best friend Noah.

We wanted to share with you all, the beautiful story of Alfie the Spider monkey and his best friend Noah, since both at Wildly Woolly and Kenana Knitters, we have been so touched by it.

It begins on a normal day, the 22nd of January, not noted for anything special in particular, but it soon became special to the extended family of Kenana Knitters. We received an email, full of hope:

Alfie 1

 'I'm desperately searching for Kenana Knitters spider monkey in green. My son who is 3 years old adores his Alfie. We are afraid that once we will not find Alfie. Till now we have had a lot of luck, finding him every time that Noah has lost him..... but our luck may not last forever! Is there a store in the UK or online shop that still has a green spider monkey? We have already bought a red and yellow one but that is of course not his Alfie! Noah has autism spectrum and is very attached to his best friend so we really hope that we will find him Alfie twin ;-)
Thanks in advance!'

The email was from a wonderful lady called Selma (who has okay-ed us to share this with you), and we were so touched to hear about how much one of our toys was loved! Unfortunately we didn't have a green Monkey in stock, but where there's a will there's a way?! We liaised with Kenana, and once colour and size had been confirmed, the Knitters managed to get one made up in Kenya, and Alfie 2 was born.

By February the 10th Alfie 2 was on his way to Wildly Woolly in the UK, and his new family to be were very excited about his arrival. We managed to get him into the mail as quickly as possible from our side and he arrived at his new home on the 12th of February!
Alfie 2 ready to be sent to his new home!

Selma wrote to let us know...
'Just to let you know that Alfie 2 is finally home. He is so beautiful just as Alfie 1 used to look like in his younger days ;-) ! I pretended that Alfie 1 came clean and new from the washing machine. It was easy for Noah to believe because he is really the same. Noah was sad about Alfie 1's thumbs which he did not have anymore! He'd asked me so many times to make them but I'm not that good at knitting. Noah is happy and Alfie 1 is now safe in a box to keep him as a memory of his first best friend.
Thank you so much! 
Warmest wishes'
It's stories like these that make what we do a real pleasure. From the loving hands that created them, to the loving new family that receives them, it is truly a story of love! We'd like to thank Selma for supporting the women of Kenana Knitters and also Noah for the love he gave to Alfie 1 and now to Alfie 2. You are a wonderful family, thank-you!